As a company with over several years of experience in software application design and development, we have a mature quality assurance and testing methodologies in place; methodologies that have helped us successfully deliver enterprise grade solutions. We believe in early detection of defects which not only prevents stumbling blocks during the actual testing phase, but also stabilizes the application right from the start.

Quality Assessment is not an incidental process.

QA strategy

A good QA strategy holds the key to successful product development, the reason why we rigorously implement the QA process throughout the requirement stage through to the construction stage. Apart from this, our reusable test cases can be easily implemented in various environments, making testing an intensive, integrated process.

An effective testing strategy includes automated, manual, and exploratory tests to efficiently reduce risk and tighten release cycles.

Quality from the Begining. Developers own the quality relationship with the customer.

Our Software Testing Methodology

There are lots of methodologies and models that are used for software development and testing. As an experienced and modern-thinking software development company, Dynamic Biz implements the most efficient and future-proof testing methodologies to our clients.

Regression Testing

  • Develop a base regression test bed
  • Provides reliable, predictable, and successful software deployment projects.
  • Consistent and repeatable validation of each new release
  • Every code drop is rigorously tested to ensure current application functionality is working
  • Quickly detect new bugs by rerunning existing tests against modified code.
  • Minimizes software release delays and budget overruns.

Functional Testing

  • Emulate real life business processes to predetermine application readiness
  • Perform real life actions of different users using different test and input criteria
  • Ensures software functions are being executed properly
  • Produces quality software with timely application delivery
  • Reduces cost of ownership throughout software lifecycle.

Performance and Load Testing

  • Ensures new or upgraded applications deliver intended business outcomes before going live.
  • Detects and eliminates costly bottlenecks and behavior problems in development cycle.
  • Prevents overspending on hardware and production systems.
  • Gives an accurate picture of an enterprise application performance under load.