At Dynamic Biz Solutions we not only fulfill our clients application or product development, but also provide the support and maintenance of those any of our clients applications.


Our support delivery model surpasses barriers of geography, language and time zone coverage. Our robust process maturity, coupled with standard tools and techniques, enable you to keep your critical enterprise applications up-to-date, while minimizing the overall cost. We identify and standardize application maintenance and support tools - call tracking tool, knowledge base and proactive monitoring and automation tools. In addition to our innovative methods to enhance the system efficiencies, we also adhere to stringent Service Level Agreements (SLA) and enable you to optimize your production operations and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

  • Application Maintenance, including production fix, upgrades and enhancements
  • Cross functional services which include backup and recovery management, data security, etc.
  • Based on the nature of the application, we engage our hosting partners to provide compliance statements on Auditing Standards No. 70, Service Organizations (SAS 070/080).
  • 24x7 Technical support – including Level 1/2/3 support, and support services by phone, e-mail, etc.

We achieve this through a four-phased approach which consists of:

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance modifies an application to effect permanent fixes or permanent work-around to correct, eliminate, or minimize the impact of known defects / problems. Modifications are made only to make the application compliant with baseline requirements. Corrective Maintenance addresses Severity Level 1, 2, and 3 Service Incidents.

Production On-call

Production On-call is the service to respond to Severity Service Incidents. We provide 24x7 on-call support for application support services, to resolve high severity problems to keep your applications available for your business. Being quick and responsive to your needs, we provide technically skilled resources whenever and wherever you need them.

Application Assessment and Performance Management

We measure the performance of Business Applications against predefined performance indicators and target values. Benchmarking applications performance parameters to industry standards allows us to tune your applications and unlock the value of your enterprise application investments.

Continuous Improvements

Analyzing various production support metrics with the patterns and trends, we come up with innovative technical ideas to streamline the applications, look at chronicle issues in a systematic way to address the root causes and provide continuous improvements to gain business value. Taking a holistic view of the application environment, including application interfaces and infrastructure, we work with various IT towers to transform your application support organization.